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Client Testimonials

"I’ve been seeing Steph for a year now - consistently every 4 weeks for 2 hours. After our first session, I immediately felt like I had landed in a place where my thoughts and needs would be heard and would shape my treatment time. 

We start every session talking about my goals and how I’m feeling. Steph is a careful listener and forms a plan for each session based on our initial conversation, and based on my feedback throughout. I truly enjoy her soft and thoughtful demeanor throughout our time. 

I love the warm bed, soft linens, eye mask and aromatherapy (selected at the start of each session). It sets the stage for self-care and the entire session continues to deliver on that intention. Steph is an expert in working on areas I want to focus on while also taking care around areas to avoid. She uses multiple approaches to work out tension/knots/soreness. 

Best of all - I feel like our sessions get more and more effective as we build rapport. Steph shapes her approach based on her understanding of my body and how I’m feeling on that particular day. My sessions with Steph are the highlight of my month!!"

Client testimonial 2022


"Stephanie is a true healer.  I had my first ever two hour massage with Stephanie about a year ago and it was transformational - she isolated areas to work on and gave me a rundown of what was going on with my body and a roadmap for how to address with flexibility given my restricted schedule.  Her recommendations and her healing hands and thoughtful approach have been a game changer for me.  I have been able to run competitively with a rigorous training schedule and no injuries and I owe that to Stephanie.  The only downside is that you won't be able to go anywhere else after going to her because she sets the bar so high. :)"

Client testimonial 2022


"Being a massage therapist for 23 years and a massage instructor for 15 years, I will say that my standards are pretty high. So, I do like to find out what training the therapists have before selecting which one I prefer. I was so incredibly grateful to find Rose (Stephanie Rose Scott), who gave me a beautiful mix of CranioSacral and Myofascial Release as part of the Holistic massage. It says a lot for a spa who really listens to what is needed from their clients, and I will definitely return here - hopefully Rose will still be working! Thank you, Rose!"

Yelp review at Elaia Spa 2016


"I had cranial sacral therapy for the first time here and it was amazing.  I was unbelievably relaxed and saw beautiful images filled with light.  I got so relaxed that I caught myself snoring twice.  So incredible!"

Yelp review 2011

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