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Client Testimonials

"Being a massage therapist for 23 years and a massage instructor for 15 years, I will say that my standards are pretty high. So, I do like to find out what training the therapists have before selecting which one I prefer. I was so incredibly grateful to find Rose (Stephanie Rose Scott), who gave me a beautiful mix of CranioSacral and Myofascial Release as part of the Holistic massage. It says a lot for a spa who really listens to what is needed from their clients, and I will definitely return here - hopefully Rose will still be working! Thank you, Rose!"

Yelp review at Elaia Spa 2016

"I had cranial sacral therapy for the first time here and it was amazing.  I was unbelievably relaxed and saw beautiful images filled with light.  I got so relaxed that I caught myself snoring twice.  So incredible!"

Yelp review 2011

Product Reviews

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