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Herb Plants

Welcome to my Shop!

My name is Stephanie Rose and I have been making herbal and essential oil products in the beautiful Pacific Northwest since 2008. My Aromatherapy journey began unexpectedly with an introductory aromatherapy course many years ago. I was immediately drawn to the power of nature and the synergies that can be created with botanicals. In the following years, I expanded on my knowledge through formal education, apprenticeships, and by following my own curiosity and intuition. My unique blends and products are a reflection of my training and passion for this space. I have used my blends for many years as part of my private massage practice and in 2015 I was honored to have my products featured at a luxury spa that was highlighting exceptional local producers and products. And now I am excited to share these products with you!

​Exceptional ingredients produce exceptional products. Along with knowledge, many years of experience, and a dedication to the craft of blending, I believe how ingredients are grown and processed is essential to making the best product. I use herbs and botanicals that I grow and harvest myself whenever possible to keep things local and add my personal touch to each product. For my other ingredients, I rely on suppliers who research every ingredient all the way to the farm, field, or forest they come from and are open and honest about sourcing. No surprises. Only quality. I believe quality ingredients that have been grown in healthy soil, free from pollutants and pesticides, by farmers who care for the land and are paid a living wage, ultimately produce the best product for you. This ensures that the products delivered to your home ready to sooth, comfort or invigorate you have been produced and cared for with love and respect every step of the way.​

This is a woman-owned enterprise with a deep respect for equity, equality, honesty, and looking out for each other and the land. Together we can right wrongs, heal wounds and soothe and comfort ourselves and each other. My products are an extension of my belief that we all belong, we all need nurturing, and that we all can be whole: Root, Stem, Leaf, and Petal.


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