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Lavender may be the most recognized calming oil in the world. For me the aroma immediately conjures imagery of vast hillsides dotted with mounds of lavender, swaying in the summer breeze off the coast. I can almost hear the bees buzzing away!

Lavender is a common favorite. It is safe for use in all stages of life and is a well-received gift for expecting families.


2 oz. Whipped body butter


Blended to nurture and nourish the skin using the highest quality ingredients:

Organic Shea Butter: High in vitamin E to soften the skin and encourage healing and elasticity

Roasted Organic Cocoa Butter: Seed butter high in vitamin E for a luxurious texture and scent

Organic Jojoba oil: Leaves a satiny finish to the skin and mimics the body’s natural sebum to avoid clogged pores

Grapefruit seed extract: a natural preservative and pH balancer

Lavender Essential Oil: anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing

Lavender Whipped Body Butter

  • Due to Health and Safety Guidelines no returns will be processed. If your product arrives damaged in any way please reach out to me and I will send you a replacement at no additional cost. 


    Did you try a new scent and it's just not your favorite? Give it to a friend! We all have different scent preferences, maybe you'll help someone find their new fav! Nervous about trying again? Send me an email so we can talk about what you like and what you are hoping to gain from a new scent experience. I'm happy to help guide you since we don't have smell-a-vision (yet!).


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